Are you a new mama navigating the beautiful, challenging, and transformative journey of postpartum life?

Welcome to the Thriving Mama Postpartum Circle – your monthly oasis of self-care, connection, and renewal.

What to Expect:

🌟 Guided Meditation and Breath work (10 minutes): Start your session with a moment of tranquility, allowing you to centre yourself and release any stress.

🌱 Gentle Yoga and Movement (20 minutes): Nurture your body and soul with gentle movements designed to rejuvenate and restore.

📝 Journaling (10 minutes): Explore your thoughts and emotions through guided and freeform journaling, helping you gain clarity and insight.

🤝 Connection and Support (20 minutes): Connect with fellow postpartum mamas in a safe and supportive space, sharing experiences, advice, and mutual support.


🗓️ Date: Monday, November 6th 

🕙 Time: 10:00 AM EST

🌐 Location: Online via a private link, where you can choose to participate with your camera on or off, ensuring your comfort and privacy.

Why Join Us?

The Thriving Mama Postpartum Circle offers you a dedicated moment every month to reset, renew, and infuse your journey with positive energy. It’s an opportunity to:

  • Connect: Forge connections with other postpartum mamas who understand your unique journey.
  • Recharge: Start your week and month with a fresh sense of vitality.
  • Nurture: Prioritize self-care, well-being, and mindfulness.
  • Empower: Enhance your postpartum experience with yoga, meditation, and connection.

Your journey in motherhood is precious, and you deserve to thrive in every season. Join us for this empowering monthly gathering.

Ready to Join the Circle?

Simply click the “Register Now” button below and take the first step toward nurturing yourself in the company of supportive and like-minded mamas.

Investment: $20 per session

For any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact us here.