16 Weeks: Pregnancy Update

Baby G | 16 Weeks, 3 Days | April 19, 2023

We are moving along and I am now in my second trimester (4 months pregnant). Overall, I’m feeling really great and excited for what’s to come as I celebrate pregnancy in the exact opposite seasons that I was majorly pregnant with Emmett.

What I’m Wearing

I’ve put away all of my regular jeans! I’m not going to say they don’t fit, but they’re no longer comfortable. I’m opting for my Aerie leggings and harem pants until I can rock my Spring & Summer dresses – it’s just too cold still here in Niagara.

How I’m Sleeping

It’s amazing what good sleep can do for the body and mind. When Justin and I got married, we invested in an Endy Mattress for ourselves and I will tell you, it’s the best thing we’ve ever done for our sleep. Not being able to sleep on it every night right now, while we live with my in-laws…it’s not like we notice it every night. But, we do notice it when we go and sleep on our Endy once again for a night here and there. All I can say is, I can’t wait to have our own space soon so we can sleep on the best mattress ever!

Best Moment of the Week

My sister and I went to celebrate my cousin who is having her first baby this June over the weekend and it was so nice to catch up with family! I was pregnant at the same time as a family friend when I was pregnant with Emmett, but only for a month and we were living in a different province at the time so it was a different experience than this is. It’s fun that in a way, we get to experience our little ones together and of course, we’ll get to see them grow up together.

Kicks & Cravings

No kicks yet, but definite movement in the sense that Baby G is sticking their bum out (I think) sometimes haha! I’m really not craving anything in particular at this point, though I will say the sweet tooth has really gone down with this pregnancy which is very unlike me LOL

The Bump

I definitely feel a baby bump is peeping through. It’s more or less prominent depending on the day and how they’re lying, but it’s firm to touch and so cute.

That said, when your body has already stretched to grow a baby, it does feel like it happens all a bit earlier with next pregnancies. It can be kind of difficult if you’ve struggled with body image in the past – which I have.

How I’m Feeling

I’m feeling really good these days! Chewing my food thoroughly has made a world of difference in indigestion and acid reflux so laugh all you want, but it works and you should try it! I am really looking forward to the warmer weather. We got a taste a couple weeks ago and the cold that came back just made me sad. In a way, I almost don’t feel pregnant with my first trimester symptoms gone, but I also really need that pillow between my legs to help sleep and that’s not typical for me so there you go!

Until May, XO Steph

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