First Trimester: Pregnancy Update

If you follow Caila Quinn on social media, you’ll know she recently birthed the sweetest little girl…and if you follow her, you may also remember her documenting her pregnancy with monthly notes and updates. I just LOVED this idea and have decided to try my hand at writing down the little things with our pregnancy.

My first excerpt is from when we were 11 weeks back in March 🙂

Baby G • 11 Weeks, 4 days • March 20th, 2023

What Am I Wearing?

I have absolutely been living in my favourite Roots set most days strictly out of comfort and warmth (I am so excited for Spring!). Seriously, if it’s not comfy I’m not wearing it because the nausea and fatigue has been very real in this first trimester.

Any Stretch Marks?

No stretch marks to report and I’m sleeping well…like 12 hours each night. Emmett is a saving Grace because he goes to bed at 7pm and I just head to bed with him! If you can’t tell, the fatigue has been never-ending so far.

Best Moment of the Week?

Spending Sunday with family, celebrating a birthday and watching Emmett be completely mesmerized by The Ugly Duckling performance by Lightwire Theatre!

Right Now I’m Missing…

I’m missing the hot tub! It’s just so cold and this Winter has lasted too long, all I crave is warmth. Excited to get back in there for short periods of times, and maybe with the head down a little lower, too.

Any Baby Kicks or Cravings?

I know some people say you feel kicks earlier when it’s not your first pregnancy, but so far no kicks. No cravings either – just aversions to basically all food.


I was having a lot of nausea, fatigue and food aversions though they all seem to be on their way out – thank goodness! I love food too much to be nauseous so often that I’m not hungry for anything.

Has the Bump Appeared?

Some days I feel like there’s a lil bump and other days it’s just bloating so who knows. My innie is still in but I’m sure it’ll pop again like last time.

How I’m Feeling?

I’m tired, but overall my mood and emotions have felt very balanced still. I’m looking forward to Spring, warmer weather, getting outside more and being able to dress a bump in Summer!

Until next time! XO Steph

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