How to Be More Eco-Friendly in 10 Easy Steps

The time has come to MAKE A CHANGE. Global Warming is Here. Climate Change is Real. The Earth needs our help and luckily, there is still time for us to make a change and have a positive environmental impact! If you’re thinking, I’m just one person, can I really make a difference? The answer is YES! It all comes down to how we live, and whether we choose to live consciously or not. You have the power to make a difference, so keep reading for 10 easy changes you can make to have a positive environmental impact. 

1. Refuse single use plastics. 

From straws to coffee cups to condiments and other containers. It’s amazing how these things add up. Like cigarettes, watch your recycling bag and how fast it fills up on plastic alone. 

2. Use reusable produce and grocery bags. 

When you live consciously, you consider more than just what you need in the moment. I purchased a pack of 5 reusable produce bags last October and Oh My Goodness they are fantastic. I have people looking and asking every time I pull them out. And really, that’s what this post is about. The fact that you may not have known about these options, BUT, now you do! 

3. Bring a reusable mug for your morning coffee or tea. 

I have been using a reusable mug for years. It all started because I watched my dad set-up his mug every night before work – it made me excited to grow up and bring my own coffee to work with me. I didn’t use it religiously until the end of 2018; before then when I remembered, I used 

it. Now, if I don’t remember to put it in my bag, I don’t get a coffee. Simple as that. Costco always sells them in packs of minimum 2, and I suggest buying 2 right off the bat! 1 for the home and 1 for your bag or car. 

4. Invest in stainless-steel straws. 

When I say invest I mean find the nearest bulk barn and pick one up for $1. Buy 2 so you can keep one at home and one in your purse or coat pocket for drinks on-the-go. Living consciously and sustainably does NOT need to be expensive. Of course, those that want to profit from you will tell you otherwise so you continue to buy their cheap products over and over again.

Make a Change, Be Conscious, Live Better

5. Re-use glass jars and encourage stores to start a refill program. 

When you purchase products – from pre-made soups to condiments, glass jars have a much longer shelf life than plastic. Bulk Barn has a re-fill program that I only started taking advantage of last Fall. They have everything from seeds and spices, to snacks and baking ingredients, bath and body products and more! 

6. Bring your own Tupperware to pick up your takeout meals.

This is something I have just started doing and honestly, it can be uncomfortable at times. I have never felt more judged than I do when bringing and asking companies to prepare my food in my personal Tupperware containers. But, the reality is I have more than enough takeout containers that I already try to re-use as much as possible. I don’t need more, and I don’t want to add more unnecessary plastic to landfills, so uncomfortable I will be. 

7. Shop #CrueltyFree

You vote with your dollar every time you make a purchase. Do you want to support and vote for animal cruelty, animal abuse, animal exploitation? If you answered no, my heart is with you ❤ Educate yourself, learn about ingredients to avoid and look for the “Cruelty-Free Bunny” symbol on everything from your household cleaning to bath and beauty products. 

8. Eliminate animal products from your diet. 

Animal agriculture is the #1 leading cause of Climate Change. It is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water and air pollution and habitat destruction. By removing animal products from your diet, you are not only saving the lives of animals, you are reducing your carbon footprint on a vast scale. 

Quick Note: Eliminate “dieting” all together. I’ll discuss this more in another post, but please, if you want to have a positive impact on the environment, you likely want to have a positive impact on yourself as well. Dieting will not get you there. I promise. 

9. Eat More Plants

If I’m saying you should eliminate animal products from your diet, and this includes eggs and dairy, you may be asking what you should be eating instead. PLANTS! Consider this, there are over 40,000 edible plants at your disposal. When you eat an omnivorous diet (because despite what people say, humans are NOT carnivores – you are NOT a Lion), you are likely eating cow, pig, chicken, turkey, and fish. Perhaps a “specialty meat” here and there. 5 animals to rotate through, seems kind of restrictive. I have never had a more varied diet filled with colour and excitement than I have since making the change to eat and live Vegan. 

Eating plant-based can also boost your fertility if you’re on a TTC journey!

10. Be Conscious of the life you live. 

When I found myself feeling like I was living in a loop, I knew something had to give. Being conscious of the life you live may be the 10th step in this post, but it truly summarizes the other 9. If you live consciously, you’ll likely adopt all of these steps over time. If you are conscious about the way you spend your money – if you take a moment to question where something came from, how it was made, who is profiting from it – before you make the purchase, you may be surprised by what you stop buying. Living consciously allows us to re-evaluate our morals and values. It allows us to question and take back some control over our life.

This is not a job for future generations. I am so tired of hearing older generations not only blame the younger generations for ruining the world, but also stating that they did the best they could and now it’s up to us. Why is it up to us? Excuse me for being blunt, but if you are still breathing, then it is a job for YOU. Ignorance is not bliss. This is not a job for 1 person, or for a group of other people because you don’t think you can make a difference or you won’t be alive to see the change. 

The above 10 steps are small changes – absolutely. They also have the power to have Lasting Effects! Do you have children? Do you have grandchildren? The future is THEIRS, and we can choose to make decisions that have a positive or negative impact on it. What are you going to do about it? 

Steph XO

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